4 Things That Can Happen When You Don’t Have Auto Insurance

In the United States, all vehicles on the road are required to be registered and insured. Insurance protects both the driver and other drivers on the road from excessive costs in the event of an accident. Without insurance, drivers are unprotected and will likely have to pay exorbitant out-of-pocket fees in the event of an auto accident. Worse still, if you’re caught driving an uninsured vehicle, you can face some unwanted consequences, including tickets, license suspension, vehicle towing and impounding, and costly fees. In this guide, our insurance team here at PD Insurance C/O Jns Media has put together a list of 4 things that can happen when you don’t have auto insurance. (Spoiler: None of them are good.) Read on to learn more, and contact our Palm Desert, CA insurance professionals at (760) 341-2345 to learn how you can insure your vehicle with us now!

  1. Tickets

First on our list of things that can happen when don’t have auto insurance and decide to drive is, you guessed it, getting a ticket. You may not get pulled over for not having auto insurance (that you’ll have to do by speeding, driving with a tail light out, or breaking one of many other traffic laws) — but once you get pulled over, your police officer will ask to see proof of your auto insurance. If you do not have auto insurance, you will be receiving a ticket that will be considerably larger than the one you would have gotten if you’d had auto insurance. In states such as California, driving without auto insurance can lead to tickets with fees reaching well into the hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

  1. License Suspensions

If you are pulled over while driving without auto insurance, getting a ticket may be the least of your worries. That’s because, in addition to presenting you with a hefty ticket for driving uninsured, law enforcement agencies in most states will also suspend your license until you can provide proof of insurance. If when proof of insurance is provided, your license suspension may persist. The length of your license suspension due to driving uninsured varies from state to state, with most states requiring hefty payments for license reinstatements once the suspension is over.

In addition to the inconvenience of not being able to drive and the additional costs of getting your license reinstated, license suspensions can lead to even more expenses down the road. When you finally do decide to shop for auto insurance, be prepared to meet with higher rates. Nothing hikes up insurance costs like a suspended license of your record.

  1. Vehicle Towing

If a police officer pulls you over and finds that you are driving without insurance, he or she has the legal right to prevent you from continuing to drive by having your car towed. In this situation, no car wreck is necessary — you could be pulled over speeding, or even for failing to use your turn signal, and could find yourself with a towed and impounded vehicle. Until you provide proof of insurance, the impound lot is where your vehicle will stay. To add insult to injury, impound lots will also charge you impound fees while your car is in their possession. It’s also usually in an impound lot’s best interest to take a car to auction sooner rather than later — so if you find you find yourself with an impounded vehicle, expect to be working on a short clock to get it back in your hands.

When it comes to towing due to insured driving, police officers have discretion. Most officers are inclined to tow and impound an uninsured vehicle because of the risk it poses to other drivers on the road. If you’re stopped while driving uninsured, by prepared to confront a tow truck in your near future.

  1. Out-of-Pocket Damage Fees

If you do find yourself in an automobile accident on an uninsured vehicle, you’ll likely have to pay out-of-pocket fees for any damages, medical bills, or other expenses incurred in the accident. These expenses can easily extend into the thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars per accident — while most vehicle insurance policies are only several hundred dollars per year. Do that math. Insurance is the smart choice.

Don’t Have Auto Insurance? Don’t Take the Risk — Insure Your Vehicle With Us Today!

Driving uninsured is not only illegal — it’s also unsafe and may lead to exorbitant expenses down the road. Vehicle insurance, on the other hand, can be quite inexpensive, depending on the coverage you choose. Here at PD Insurance C/O Jns Media, our trusted insurance carriers proudly provide some auto insurance plans designed to fit the needs of drivers on any budget. To learn more about why insuring your vehicle with us is the right choice, and to ask about our available policies, contact our Plam Desert, CA insurance agency at (760) 341-2345 today!