Car Insurance MythsWhen it comes to car insurance, there are a lot of common misconceptions and myths that have become viral. Many people come to believe these lies. Let’s look at some common myths and why they are false.

1.) “Color determines the price of auto insurance”: False. Many people think that the color of a car is considered when insurance companies decide the price of your insurance policy. For example, some people believe that insurance for red cars is more expensive than that of cars of other colors. However, color is not a price factor. Price is based on make, model, body type, engine size, the age of the vehicle, the car’s sticker price, estimated reparation costs, its safety record and the likelihood of theft. In addition, other factors include the driver’s age, driving record and sometimes they may also look at credit history.

2.) “It is more expensive the older you get”: Actually, many insurance companies offer special discounts for older drivers. If you are over 55, you can get a price reduction if you complete the accident prevention course. Also, if you are retired or are not working full-time you may be eligible for an auto insurance reduction, this due to the fact that you are driving less frequently.

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3.) “You only need the minimum amount of auto liability insurance”: Although it’s true that you are only REQUIRED to have the minimum, you SHOULD look into a policy that can insure you for costly accidents that can involve bodily injuries and damages. The less coverage you have, the more you will pay out of pocket. Learn more about our Umbrella Insurance which can protect you in the event of a big accident.

4.) “Business related use of your vehicle is insured by personal auto insurance”: Many small business owners rely on their personal vehicles for business matters. In this case, it’s extremely important be well-informed when selecting an insurance policy because not all companies offer policies that insure this. Our Business Auto Insurance can cover any accident that happens within business hours in any company vehicle.

As you may have noticed, the wrong information can spread quickly and be seen as true by the masses. That is why we recommend you do your research when selecting an insurance company.
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