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Payments by phone: 800-347-4986
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American Reliable
Claims by phone: 800-347-4986
Claims by phone: 800-252-4670
Payment by phone: 800-682-4822
Pay online:
Claims by phone: 877-849-4678
Payment by phone: 800-223-2242
Pay online:
First American Property & Casualty
Claims by phone: 800-922-5343
Payment by phone: 800-922-5343
Pay online:
Claims by phone: 800-274-7865
Payment by phone: 800-532-4221
Pay online:
Claims by phone: 800-859-8734
Pay online:
Claims by phone: 800-334-1661
Payment by phone: 800-782-1330
Pay online:
Kemper Specialty
Claims by phone: 888-253-7834
Payment by phone: 888-253-7834
Pay online:
MAPFRE / Commerce West
Claims by phone: 877-627-3731
Payment by phone: 877-627-3731
Pay online:
Claims by phone: 800-503-3724
Payment by phone: 888-637-2176
Pay online:
Claims by phone: 800-854-6011
Pay online:
National General
Claims by phone: 800-325-1088
Payment by phone: 877-325-7727
Pay online:
Claims by phone: 800-274-4499
Payment by phone: 800-300-3693
Pay online:
Claims by phone: 800-332-3226
Payment by phone: 800-332-3226
Pay online:
Viking / Dairyland Auto
Claims by phone: 800-334-0090
Payment by phone: 800-334-0090
Pay online:
Wright Flood
Claims by phone: 800-725-9472
Payment by phone: 800-820-3242
Pay online:

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How much coverage do i need?
The liability coverages will pay for the medical bills and property damage of the other driver if you cause an accident. Like all types of insurance, it is important to understand exactly what your policy covers and make sure it is adequate, as limitations and exclusions are not something you want to discover after an accident.

Aside from the state-mandated coverage, you might also want to get:

  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist to protect you in case you are in an accident with someone who doesn’t have insurance.
  • Collision coverage to protect your own car.
  • Comprehensive coverage to protect you from not-accident-related damage.
  • Car rental and travel expense coverage for when your car is in the shop.
  • Emergency road service to pay towing, tire repair, battery jump start (just some of their services).
  • Medical expense to cover injuries to you and your passengers.
How do I find a good Auto Insurance Company?
If you’re looking for an affordable auto insurance policy, it is easy to compare rates on car insurance online. When you decide to buy insurance, however, it is important to work with one of the experienced agents at Palm Desert Insurance Agency so that you get the right policy – especially if you have teenage drivers, a history of tickets and accidents, or a high performance car. We will shop among the top companies in the industry to find the best rates for your specific situation.

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