college renters insurance

Kids go from crib to dorm room in a blink of an eye! It’s back to school season and you might find yourself bitter-sweetly watching your teenager pack his or her belongings ready to take on university life. You may have a stack of questions on your mind. One very important question to ask is the following question, “does my child need renters insurance?” Whether your child will find housing on or off campus, renters insurance is important. So, how does renters insurance work and how does it help my child?

Renters insurance can help protect your child’s belongings. When you think of an ideal college experience for them, a dorm fire or their stuff being stolen might not be what you envision. That’s what renters insurance hopes to accomplish. It can protect your child’s expensive belongings such as a television, a laptop, etc. It all depends on the type of housing they are living under

In some cases, if your child is under the age of 26 and living in a dorm room or any other on-campus housing, your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy might cover them. You can call your policy company to see if your son or daughter is eligible to be covered under your policy.

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