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If you provide repair services to vehicles or store them on your property, you need two different types of coverage to indemnify you against loss of your own property and vehicles belonging to customers: garage liability insurance and garage keepers legal liability insurance.

Garage insurance covers your potential liability for workmanship, inferior parts, or warranty issues. When you offer towing services or operate a service station, you often store customers’ cars while you are repairing them. During that time, you are accountable for protecting these vehicles from losses that might occur during storage – a job for garage keeper’s insurance.

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Garage Keepers Insurance Coverage vs. Garage Keeper Legal Liability Insurance.
Garage liability insurance protects businesses for:

  • General liability, to protect the business from injuries on the premises, mistakes made while performing services, employee dishonesty, and discrimination.
  • Property damage, to protect from theft, vandalism, weather incidents, fires and collisions that affect the building, vehicles that belong to the business, and other property.

Many small businesses include garage liability as part of their business owners insurance (BOP).

Garage keepers insurance usually covers:

  • Property damage, to protect from the same risks when they occur to customers’ cars left in your charge.

To be eligible to purchase garage keepers insurance, you must also purchase liability insurance and on hook towing insurance.

Who needs Garage Liability and Garage Keepers Insurance?

Any business that keeps vehicles in their possession needs a garage keepers policy. This includes:

  • Car dealers
  • Service shops
  • Collision shops
  • Detail shops
  • Electrical repair installation
  • Glass installation
  • Oil change and loop shop
  • Painting and pinstriping
  • Rust proofing, undercoating and glazing
  • Sound repairs installation
  • Tune up and emissions testing
  • Upholstery, tops and sunroof repair

The garage keepers liability policy has a deductible per vehicle and a limit per occurrence. Most states put a $2,500 cap on coverage after a $500 deductible. The coverage is only on the car not any customer property left in the car. In obtaining a policy of this type, you should make sure to mention all your locations to your agent. Your costs for this type of policy will depend on your loss history, amount of time in business, time at your current location, and loss protection programs you have in place.

Obtaining a Garage Liability and Garage Keepers Insurance quote.
Having this valuable package of coverages is essential to protecting your business if you repair or store vehicles or both. Your personal Palm Desert Insurance agent can help you obtain an affordable quote from our network of companies.

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