Palm Desert Insurance, Home and Renters, AccidentFor most people, a home is the most expensive and prized possession they will ever purchase. You wouldn’t buy a car without insuring it, so why should a home be any different? Having home or renters insurance is very important in the event that anything should happen to your home or belongings.


Homeowners insurance will cover damages to the structure itself as well as the possessions you keep in your home. It can also provide you with liability coverage against any accidents that may occur inside your home or on your property. Property owners should be sure to carry adequate insurance, and maybe even an umbrella policy, in case someone else has an accident on the property, which can be financially devastating without insurance.

What Your Policy Can Protect You From

  • A neighbor falling on your property
  • Your dog biting someone
  • Theft
  • Damage to your personal property
  • Disasters including floods and fires
  • And much more


Many banks and lenders will require homeowners insurance on your house, and may even purchase a policy for you at your expense if you fail to do so. In addition, many apartment complexes now require a minimal amount of renters insurance as a requirement to move in.

Most renters are surprised at how affordable rental insurance can be, and you can often get a discount if you acquire a renters policy from the same company that’s insuring your vehicle.

What You Can Do to Ensure Optimal Coverage

In order to make the most of your insurance policy be sure to keep a detailed inventory of the items you own, and keep records in the form of receipts for big purchases such as electronics or vehicles. Be sure to keep an electronic copy of these records on the cloud or in your email in case a fire damages your home.

If you ever do need to file a claim, the insurance company will want justification for the money you’re seeking. If you are claiming expensive electronics or jewelry were destroyed or damaged during the course of some unfortunate event they will want proof that you owned these items, that they were damaged or destroyed and that they are worth what you’re claiming.

You may be able to lower the cost of your homeowners or renters insurance with the following tips:

  • Group your policy with your car insurance provider
  • Install security systems to make your home saferPalm Desert Insurance, Home and Renters
  • Raise your deductible to lower your monthly cost
  • Compare prices by getting a free quote from Palm Desert Insurance

Homeowners Insurance in Palm Desert

There are several different varieties of homeowners insurance policies and coverage options. A policy that covers one family may not be adequate for another family, which is why it’s important to speak with a knowledgeable insurance professional before you choose a homeowners or renters insurance policy. At Palm Desert Insurance, we are passionate about matching the right policies with the right people, and would be happy to assist you in finding a solution that will meet your needs.
Protect your family and your home with homeowners or renters insurance. Contact Palm Desert Insurance today for your free quote!

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