How to keep your car engine cool during the summer

Engine Overheating

With the temperatures rising outside, imagine how hot our engines can get! They can reach extreme temperatures that can lead to overheating or other damages to your vehicle. It’s important to know how to keep your car engine cool. Here are some useful tips you can follow:

  • Check your radiator and hoses regularly for possible cracks or leaks, especially during the summer. You also want to make sure that the connections are perfectly in place and that there are no cracks, bulging or swelling at the end. But, before you remove any caps or touch anything in the engine, make sure that your car has cooled down


  • Monitor the coolant levels (do not use water!) regularly. Coolant is your car’s best friend because it can help prevent the overheating or corrosion of your car engine. In addition, it helps with fuel combustion. Low levels of coolant is the BIGGEST cause of roadside breakdowns. Make sure you find the right coolant for your car when you go to the shop.


  • Make sure you keep an eye on the temperature gauge located on your dashboard. Even when your car passed the inspection of the hazards noted above, it might still overheat! If that were to happen, you will want to turn the heat on in your vehicle’s cabin. Although this may seem counter intuitive, allowing the heat to escape the engine compartment will actually help to cool your engine!

How can we keep our engines cool? Check your engine regularly, make sure everything is in good condition and make sure it has enough coolant. If your car overheats while you drive, turn on the heater. Another thing you can do to be safe on the road is to call Palm Desert Insurance now! We can offer you the best auto insurance coverage. You can call (760) 341-2345 and get a free quote or you can visit our website at