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Renting a home or apartment?
If you rent a single-family home or apartment, who pays for your loss if the place burns down or sustains damage from a tornado? While your landlord has insurance to pay for damages to the home itself, you need renters insurance to cover losses to your personal property. It is also important to protect yourself against damage if someone is accidentally injured on your property.

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What does your policy cover?
There are three ways that renters insurance covers your losses that result from peril such as fire, smoke damage, theft, collapse of the building due to weather, water leakage, and frozen pipes.

  • Property loss or damage. As a renter, you may underestimate the value of your property. Even if you are a starving artist or a student with minimal possessions, your furniture, clothing, electronics, jewelry, and other possessions are costly to replace. Complete an online calculator to estimate the replacement costs for your stuff and you’ll be shocked.
  • Regardless of your income, you could mortgage your future if you lack coverage to protect you from incidents such as a guest slipping on your wet floor, your child accidentally breaking the neighbor’s window, or your dog biting the mailman. Even if you leave something on the stove and cause a fire, your policy has you covered.
  • Extra expenses. A rental insurance policy has your back if damage to your home makes it unlivable. The policy pays for additional living expenses while your landlord makes repairs on your property or until you find another place. This provision in your policy even pays for restaurant meals and other expenses you incur because you are not in your home.
How to get renters insurance
A basic renters insurance policy can offer you peace of mind for a few dollars a month. When you discuss your needs with your Palm Desert agent, we will ask you questions about your current dwelling, which can even lead to lower rates. If you have smoke alarms, burglar alarms, interior sprinkler systems, or a guard or desk attendant who watches who comes and goes from the building, you may be eligible for discounts that make your cost of insurance even less.

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