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So you’re running late AND you hit traffic. While trying to switch lanes, someone cuts you off and instead of apologizing, they flip you the bird. How do you respond? Like most of us would – with anger and discontent. Driving can be stressful, but feeling angry when behind the wheel could lead to aggressive driving, distracted driving or even an accident. No bueno.

Road rage can lead to very dangerous driving like tailgating, weaving, speeding and could even lead to unnecessary violent altercations. The consequences can be serious. Aggressive driving played a role in 56% of fatal crashes over a five-year period, according to some studies.

Don’t let road rage ruin your day or your life. Always remain calm. If you’re upset, just take a moment to breathe and cool off. If someone else is driving aggressively, don’t retaliate or cause the situation to escalate. Just safely change lanes and keep a safe distance away from them.

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