property damage

Being a homeowner can be a stressful hat to wear. Especially when things are always breaking or stop working. Sure those instances can be stressful but nothing can compare to property damage on a greater scale. If breaking your hand can be expensive, imagine how much it costs to get a home its normal state. We’ll help you with that; it’s very expensive. There are many reasons your home can be damages but there are 4 reasons that are very common. Let’s look at four of the biggest reasons for property damage in the US:

  1. Wind: If you live in the West end of the Coachella Valley, especially Desert Hot Springs and North Palm Springs, you know how intense the wind can get. This can cause damage in many different ways. For example, gusts can uproot trees, cause roof and window damage and more.
  2. Nonweather-related water: You would think that weather related flooding or water damage would be more of a reason than a domestic one. However, at-home incidents account for a lot of the home insurance claims in the United States. These kinds of leaks can come from your dishwasher, washing machine or toilets. Make sure to inspect your appliances and any area that functions with a supply of water for any kind of leaks or cracks.
  3. Weather-related water: Flooding due to heavy rain is the primary cause for this kind of damage. Especially in the desert area, flooding is very common due to the fact that the land our homes sit on are not very absorbent of water.
  4. Theft: As if your home being burglarized is not enough, a break in or theft within your property is one of the most common reasons of property damage. This can be due to the way the theft is handled and how the burglars break into your home.
  5. Hail: Property damage from hail accounts for roughly 16% of property damage claims nation-wide. Even if you live in an area with a low risk of hail storms, there are some best practices to keep your property safe. Park your vehicles in your garage or under a covered parking spot. If inclement weather is approaching, bring in any valuable items such as barbecues and cover furniture that may be easily broken such as glass tables. Covered patios are perfect for keeping your property protected from direct impact.

Each and every one of these cases can be very costly. For that reason it is important that you are insured under a homeowners insurance policy that can cover the costs of damage such as those previously mentioned. If you’re looking for a policy that accommodates your needs, call Palm Desert Insurance. We can provide the best coverage for you that is tailored by your specific needs. For more information and a free quote, you can call (888) 880-8872. You can also visit our website at