What is Business Insurance?

Many things can go wrong when you own a business. From lawsuits to accidents, your business is constantly at risk. So, what can you do to protect your company and your employees? One of the first steps should be researching business insurance. What is it, what does it cover, and why do I need it? Let’s take a look:

1.) What is it?: Business insurance, like any other type of insurance, looks to protect you against the unexpected. This includes lawsuits, injuries in the workplace (employees or customers), property damage, theft, and much more. If any of these situations occur in the workplace, your company may be held accountable. Depending on the coverage you choose, business insurance can cover these expenses.

2.) What are the different kinds of coverage?: There are multiple coverages that, depending on the provider, can be bundled together based on the needs of your company. Types of coverage may include:

a. Business Auto Insurance
b. Professional Liability Insurance
c. Workers Compensation Insurance
d. Commercial Property Insurance
e. General Liability Insurance

3.) Why do you need it?: Business insurance is, in most cases, essential to protect your assets and mitigate financial costs in the case of an emergency.

Prepare yourself and your company for any unforeseen crises that may arise while protecting your property and assets. There are various kinds of coverage that are available, but make sure to assess which coverage best suits your business.
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