Many people have asked us when you should add your teenager to car insurance, and the answer is not always clear. A lot of states have slightly different rules as to when you have to add your teen driver to your policy, but here are some best practices to make sure you get the best deal.

Generally, insurance companies do not require you to add your teen driver until they have their official license. However, once they get their learner’s permit, it is a good idea to notify your insurance agent so that they can inform you as to the proper procedure of adding them to your policy.

Teen drivers are some of the highest risk drivers for insurance companies and it can be expensive to insure them. Most auto insurance companies will offer a variety of incentives that can help lower your premium. If you are getting a car for your teen driver, ask about multi car discount. Just make sure your teen’s car has a high safety rating. Safer, more reliable cars are cheaper to insure. If you are not getting them a car, or they are going off to college and leaving the car at home, ask about occasional driver discounts. If they are not driving on a regular basis you could save as well. Finally, ask about good student discounts. A lot of insurance companies will provide discounts to teens who do well in school. Incentivize them to hit the books so they can hit the road!

It can be an exciting and nerve racking time when your child gets behind the wheel. Make sure everyone is safe and protected by having the right policy to fit your family’s needs. For more information on insuring your teen driver or any other policy questions, give us a call today at: 888-880-8872

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