Vacation Rental InsuranceThe Coachella Valley seems to have transformed into the Californian oasis. With a plethora of events and attractions such as Coachella and Stagecoach, many tourists have looked to the desert for unforgettable getaways. Furthermore, many local homeowners have invested in turning their properties into vacation rentals. If you are interested in renting out your property you should look into Vacation Rental Insurance.

A vacation rental can be used for multiple reasons. Sometimes the rental is occupied by paying guests or sometimes you may find yourself vacationing and using the property. The rental may also be unoccupied for a portion of time. You need to be insured for any of these occupancies.

Vacation Rental Insurance

You may be wondering what Vacation Rental Insurance covers. It covers content, structure and liability. Which means it helps you with any kind of accidents that can occur such as property damage or a bodily injury of one of your guests.
What makes this coverage valuable? It covers what your Homeowner’s Policy, Condo or Umbrella insurance do not. A Homeowner Policy might cover any accident that happens within your property but when you rent out your property, you are not covered because insurance companies consider it to be business related which might exclude vacation rentals from coverage. If the rental is part of a building or community that has a blanket or group policy, you should look into what kind of coverage is available. However, these policies usually cover liability on the grounds or the building’s exterior but not the interior of your property. You would be responsible for that. Personal Umbrella insurance only covers people in your household for personal negligence or liability. Your rental would be considered a business venture and would not be covered. For these reasons, many vacation rental owners have looked for Vacation Rental Insurance coverage that would best protect them from any misfortunate event that would otherwise have to be taken care of with personal funding.

If you are looking to invest in renting your property, it is important that you are insured by Vacation Rental Insurance. That way, any mishaps that are thrown your way, you are prepared to resolve them.
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