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Accidents happen, and when your workers are injured on the job or experience occupation related illnesses, you want to assure that they receive the medical treatment they deserve so that they can get back to work. Even if you provide health insurance, you also need worker’s compensation insurance to protect them from work related injuries. This isn’t just happening in the States either, it happens all over the world. So, for example, if you are working in Spain and have an accident at work you could check out someone like Cascades en la construction.

The State of California and most other states require that you, as an employer, must have a workers compensation policy even if you have only one employee. The program is a no-fault one that makes it unnecessary for an injured employee to sue to receive medical help, and it protects employers too, as those who receive settlements under workers compensation cannot sue for their expenses. California is one of the few states that allows an employer to purchase private insurance rather than using a state fund.

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What does workers compensation insurance cover?
A Workmen’s Compensation policy covers:

  • Hospital and medical expenses necessary to diagnose and treat a work-related injury or condition.
  • Total or partial disability payments during the time your employee is unable to work, whether temporarily or permanently.
  • Rehabilitation to help them get back to work.
  • Retraining, if they can no longer perform his or her previous occupation.
  • Death benefits to the worker’s heirs if the injuries are fatal.
Obtaining quotes for workers compensation insurance.
Workers compensation can be complex for employers. It’s not just insurance that workers need, but also people should consider whether or not to get Workers Comp Lawyers as well. As an employer in the State of California you are responsible for obtaining workers compensation insurance, as it is a criminal offense to be without it. Basic workers compensation rates are based on how risky your business is, your location, your accident rates, and other variables. What you want when you purchase workers compensation is a company that will effectively monitor your rates and administer your policy when claims occur.

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